Andrew Muswala


Welcome to the fourth edition of Travel and Leisure Zambia.

It has been ten months since we published our first edition and the readership demand has been growing at a fast rate.With the distribution of the first three publications mainly having been within Zambia, we are now pleased to announce that our reach has expanded into the international market. Beginning July 2016, we will be distributing copies to world-renowned travel agents in different regions of the United States.

This has come at a time when interest in Zambia is rising rapidly. We are grateful to all those companies who have embraced our objective and made this publication possible.

Zambia manages to strike a balance between the modern world and unspoilt wil- derness. It still contains vast expanses of terrain that are brimming with the essence of raw adventure—places that have continued to evade man’s obsession with controlling and modifying nature. In this issue, you’ll read independent, unbiased accounts by writers who have a passion for this beautiful country and have experienced Zambia’s wonders first-hand: from lush landscapes to exotic wildlife to stunning natural and man-made wonders, this issue has something for everyone.

Dorian Tilbury writes about West Lunga National Park (p 10). This area in the north west of Zambia still exhibits God’s creation in its wondrous natural state. Mutinondo Wilderness epitomises the African qualities that have captured people’s hearts for centuries. (p 28).

Livingstone is known as the adventure capital of Africa. We invite you to take a deep breath and plunge into the churning Zambezi River with Sanja Cloete -Jones as she talks about Livingstone Island, Devil’s Pool and Angel’s Armchair. (p 24) Kathy G. Mills also samples adventure activities at the Victoria Falls Bridge. (p 16)

The sheer scenic beauty of the Lower Zambezi National Park is breath-taking. Grant Cumings shows us around as he explores the park in depth, revealing its geography, its wildlife and unparalleled scope for adventure. (p 20) John Copping- er begins a series of articles that explain what to do in case of a wild animal attack. (p 27).

Elsewhere in the magazine you’ll find a review of Kafue National Park (the hidden gem of Africa!), an interview with a young Zambian lodge manager, our hottest travel tips, and much more!

Happy reading!